About ITA

ITA is the Israeli Association for CBT. It was established 30 years ago. ITA is a member of the EABCT (European Association of CBT). It has currently about 370 members, the majority of whom are psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers who work in clinical settings. ITA is constantly growing as manifested by the number of members. ITA’s aim is to spread the use of CBT among professionals and potential clients.

There are currently a few programs in Israel to train therapists in CBT. These programs are approved by ITA. ITA also qualifies members to be supervisors in CBT. ITA aims to be involved in community settings, in special populations as well as in out of the country projects (for example: training CBT therapists in Kosovo).

ITA members take part as presenters in international CBT conferences across the world. ITA organizes conferences and workshops with local leading CBT trainers and International leading CBT figures. Since last year ITA organizes a yearly three day national CBT conference with a variety of workshops.