Seminars in Psychotherapy, Frankfurt, May 22 – 26, 2018

Seminars in Psychotherapy, Frankfurt, May 22 – 26, 2018Frankfurt Academy of Psychotherapies
The Frankfurt Academy of Psychotherapies (FrAPT) supports the further development and dissemination of modern therapies that are based on psychological science. It is committed to the training and continuous education of psychotherapists from all countries in modern empirically based treatment methods. FrAPT is rooted in the tradition of cognitive behavioral therapy, broadly defined, and focuses on empirically-supported and theory-grounded strategies aimed at enhancing the processing of emotions, the broadening of consciousness, improving personal relationships, and improving psychological well-being.
FrAPT is co-directed by Professors Ulrich Stangier (Frankfurt University, Germany) and Stefan G. Hofmann (Boston University, USA) and part of the Steinbeis Institute.

Goethe University (Frankfurt) Guesthouse
Centrally located in a quiet park in Frankfurt
Easily accessible by public transport (bus, subway)

Attendees from emerging countries will receive a reduction of the registration fees of 100 € for full or single courses, and 150€ for the full course (if paid after January 1 2018).

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